The South Plainfield School District
The South Plainfield School District is dedicated to ensuring that all students are equipped with the essential skills necessary to acquire a common body of knowledge and understanding. On a daily basis, we strive to instill the desire to question and look for truth in order that students may become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. It is our proclaimed mission to educate students who will become contributing members of society, living in an environment of mutual respect and consideration.Our School District consists of seven schools that house approximately 3,800 students. Four of our five elementary schools, Franklin, John F. Kennedy, John E. Riley and Roosevelt, educate children in grades K through 4; the fifth and sixth graders are centrally located at Grant Elementary School. The South Plainfield Middle School houses grades 7 and 8, while South Plainfield High School encompasses grades 9-12. Additionally, a pre-school and a latchkey program are offered as well as a summer school enrichment program.For the 2010-2011 school year, the average cost per pupil in the State of NJ was $17,469. The actual cost per pupil in South Plainfield was $14,712.According NJMonthly, South Plainfield is ranked 148 out of 322 on their top schools list.